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Nicaragua Recap

Month 2!


It was all squad month at Light and Salt Ministries in Ciudad Dario. Our host, Tara, started this ministry to help Nicaraguans escape generational poverty. Here’s a quick summary of the ministry of LASM.


There are three programs, so far, at LASM; The Boys Formation Classes, Mercy in Action, and Triumphant Women Sewing.

The Boys Formation Classes is an educational program for boys between the ages of 9-14. With the help of the incredible teachers, the boys learn important life skills, dive into bible studies, and have strong male leaders as mentors. The boys who are involved in this ministry come from high-risk situations that lead to drug use and violence. They were struggling to obtain a high school diploma because of the dysfunction they face in their homes. They often have to start working at a younger age to help bring income to their families. The goal of this program is to disciple, train, and empower the young men to break out of this vicious cycle of poverty. This program is continually growing and LASM is overjoyed at the personal growth of each young man involved in the program. 

Mercy in Action ministers to the elderly, widowed, disabled, and abandoned people of the city. From bible studies, psychological attention, to providing food packs, mercy in Action assists those in a time of need by providing support, healing, and preaching the gospel. With your help, we are also able to offer building and repair projects. Those who receive aid in this program are involved in a weekly teaching at LASM campus. The teaching brings encouragement, guidance from God, and prayer for each one of their specific needs. 

Triumphant Women Sewing is a 2 year program that exists to teach abandoned and single mothers valuable life skills that go beyond making clothes. During their time, the women are taught business and entrepreneurship classes, build long lasting relationships, and are encouraged to dream big. This program has truly touched my heart. LASM has provided a safe haven for women who feel less than and useless. They have provided a way to teach women they have purpose beyond societal norms and paved the way to freedom by confirming their God given Daughtership. It’s a beautiful program that brings freedom to hurting women.

I had the pleasure of working with Alex, Tara’s husband, as apart of the construction crew. He led our team with grace, kindness, and compassion. And he also encouraged us with Coke and Oreos 🙂 The Construction Crew broke up rocks, moved the rocks, pulled lots of weeds, and flattened out the ground by moving dirt where the church will eventually be built. It was humbling to be apart of moving the rocks and pulling the weeds for the foundation of a church. We also helped paint the entrance walls! It was a lot of hard work and I got sunburnt A LOT but it was worth it because of the incredible things happening at LASM. 



Yay! Currently we are in Colombia in another all squad month! We are working with Ciudad Refugio in Medellin and having a BLAST! I’ll update soon on all the things happening here 🙂 


– Anna Stewart 






  1. What a blessing to work with the people in Costa Rica. Keep sowing the seeds of the Love of Jesus. ???? So excited for your squad.

  2. I love reading what you guys are doing! Anna, I will continue to pray for you, your team and the people you are helping.?????? Love and hugs!

  3. I’m glad you’ve been deeply touched by LASM. From your story, the videos and what other members of your Squad said, you all worked really hard at the role you were given. Though a lot of it was manual labor, the work you all did will impact the Kingdom forever in that area! You difinitely made a difference to all the people at LASM and with all you served!

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