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The Past Few Months

It’s been 9 months since i left home and they have been some of the most incredible months of my life. 


I have seen the Lord heal my teammates physically and spiritually, I have helped build houses that will provide rest for weary ministry workers, I have seen demons possess men and women to make them literally slither on the ground like snakes and torment people. I have experienced incredible joy and incredible sorrow. My heart has broken in more ways than I can count for the pain and sorrow I have seen. But it is always filled back up with joy and hope knowing that the `lord is moving and working and healing and restoring every place we have been to and every person we have met along the way. 


We get to partner with amazing ministries that reach the hurting, the vulnerable, the addicts, the pastors, the broken women, and the forgotten kids. We get to partner with God in what He is already doing in these countries and work alongside Him and the longterm missionaries. 


It’s truly hard to put into words what these past 9 months have meant to me and what has been happening in my life. So here are some of my favorite moments captures in pictures. 



I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in the last few months on the field. My team is currently finishing up our time in Rwanda. We have been working with a preschool, becoming friends with the locals, and preaching in church. 


Many exciting updates to come! 

talk soon 







  1. Anna, I have loved step of your journey. Thank you for being Gods shining light into the world. I know you have touched many a heart. Sending my love and prayers to you ??????

  2. Beautiful reflections. So thankful for you and everyone doing God’ work. You are a blessing to all reach out to ??????

  3. I love looking back at all you’ve done, all the places you’ve gone, and all the things you’ve seen that underscore how big God is, how He’s working in all of the world, and getting to see God’s power overcoming evil in so many ways! It’s been a pleasure sharing this journey with you!

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