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3 Lessons From God

Over one week in Costa Rica and the Lord has been teaching me SO much. I’ve been reflecting on my time at launch and our first week. God is just so kind and so gentle. 

Here are 3 things I’ve been talking to God about lately. I hope it encourages you, too.


  1. God did not save me to be comfortable. He saved me to be effective.

Having a relationship with Jesus is more than sitting in a pew on Sunday morning. Get up and get out in your community! It’s scary and hard and uncomfortable and you might feel embarrassed to share about Jesus. But He is more important than our reputation. We must make ourselves of no reputation. Jesus gave up His reputation to talk to those who the world turned their back on, who were called shameful, gross, unworthy, and unloved. If His reputation didn’t matter, then ours for sure doesn’t.


  1. Your greatest testimony is the way you love, not what you say

You can have all the answers and know everything about God and the Bible, but without love we miss the point. Our relationship with Jesus is so much more than having the right answers or knowing the right thing to say. We don’t have to understand everything to love Him and to love others.


  1. Jesus showed His scars, we shouldn’t be afraid to show ours.

When Jesus revealed Himself, He showed His scars. He wasn’t ashamed of what He went through because He knew God was using it for His glory. It can be hard to be vulnerable and open about the things we have done or have been done to us. But healing is found in vulnerability. You will find there are people with your same story. When you are vulnerable, you release hope. Someone might be waiting to hear their story through you. Let’s bring some hope and healing down!


YAY God is so fun and kind and He loves us SO much! I can’t wait to share more of what He will teach me this year.


Love you guys 🙂




  1. Love it!!! Life is so much more meaningful when we trust in the Lord and allow vulnerability into our lives.

  2. As Amy says, ‘That’ll preach!” Those 3 lessons are POWERFUL! God is equipping you big time! I love that you’re sharing what you’re learning!!!!!

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