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5 Things I Learned At Training Camp


Wow, what a whirlwind of events the past few weeks have been. Training camp, launch, and now Costa Rica! There is so much I want to say and tell you!

 I am SO late in posting this, but it was hard to gather my thoughts. Anyways, let’s rewind to training camp.

7 days of growing deeper into relationship with the Lord, testing the boundaries of my comfort zone, and sweating out every ounce of water I drank.


It was tough.

It was challenging.

It was thrilling.

It was rewarding.


Here are some highlights of the things I learned at TC:


1. He doesn’t need our strength; He needs our obedience.


2. There is always a fear connected to a lie.


3. Every strength over-applied, under-applied, or miss-applied becomes a weakness.


4. If we are too far in the law, we kill people in judgement. Too far in grace and we give people license to sin.


5. God’s character is predictable because He doesn’t change. He is unpredictable in the things He does because we can’t fully understand what He is doing in our life and the lives of others.


I could lie and say TC was easy, but I felt the doubts creep up telling me I didn’t fit in, I wasn’t good enough, and I couldn’t do this. Every time a doubt came to mind, God spoke to me gently, saying that I am His and made perfect in His image and that my new sisters (L-Squad!!) need me, and I need them.

I am so excited to partner with God in every country we travel to and see how He is already moving in His people around the world! 

My team is currently in Costa Rica near the town of Nicoya. Be on the lookout for a new blog all about launch and our first few days in CR!!


Talk to you soon!


  1. GIRL I forgot we learned some of this stuff at training camp. Thank you SO much for reminding me— I’m so happy you’re here 🙂

  2. Anna, God chose you especially for this mission and He will give you everything you need to serve Him. You are courageous and bold in faith and I’m praying for you!

  3. Oh Girl! Those 5 points were like a hard step on my toes (both feet), especially numbers 3 and 4. Thank you for sharing! Continuing to pray for your journey.

  4. Anna, thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to hear more. I am proud of you! Sending you love and prayers! ??????

  5. So proud of you,Anna. What wise counsel you offer! Can’t wait to hear what you and God are up to in the days ahead!

  6. I LOVE that you’re combating the lies and doubts from the enemy that you don’t fit in or belong or are good enough!!!!! Keep holding on to the truth that you do belong, you do fit in and you are made good enough by the blood of Jesus! Also loved hearing those points reiterated – we all need to be reminded of what we have learned to keep it in the forfront of our minds!

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